JavaFX and (Affine)Transforms

Jeff Martin jeff at
Fri May 4 06:20:47 PDT 2012

I wonder if this is to support the animation - the transform is really a composite of the translate, rotate, scale and skew computed on the fly.

Though I suppose that doesn't necessarily preclude the idea that a node could/should have it's transform computed through some other means. Though perhaps much of these use cases could be addressed though an extensible effect architecture.


On May 4, 2012, at 7:40 AM, Dr. Michael Paus wrote:

> Hello,
> I recently experimented a bit with the graphic features of JavaFX (Shapes, Group-Nodes and Transforms).
> One thing I very quickly stumbled over is the missing support for any kind of mathematical operations
> on (Affine) transforms. You can neither get at the matrix elements of a Scale, Translate, etc. (because
> these Affine transforms are not even a sub-class of Affine) nor could you perform any operations on them
> like for example combining two transforms into one or applying the transform or its inverse to a point.
> Sometimes even the documentation is wrong (see for example Scale: The description of the matrix
> completely ignores the pivot element which is an integral part of this class.)
> I really wonder how you can write any sophisticated graphics program without support for such kind
> of operations. Is there any magic way around this, which I don't know or has just nobody ever tried
> to do that? There already exists a JIRA entry for this
> but obviously I am the only person in the world, in addition to the original author, who is interested
> in that. How can that be?
> Michael

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