JavaFX and (Affine)Transforms

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at
Fri May 4 06:33:53 PDT 2012

Le 04/05/12 15:20, Jeff Martin a écrit :
> I wonder if this is to support the animation - the transform is really a composite of the translate, rotate, scale and skew computed on the fly.

Yes, I agree that JavaFX can be restricted to *Affine* transform (which 
include the above-cited composites), and leave more sophisticated 
transforms to other libraries. But I think that the email was not about 
a framework for arbitrary transform, but rather about getting an access 
to the computation power of existing affine transforms. E.g. being able 
to apply a transform on our own array of coordinates, concatenate two 
affine transforms in order to get a new one (mathematically, this is a 
matrix multiplication - this is sometime performed straight on the GPU, 
and maybe JavaFX already do that under the hood), etc.


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