API change RT-19955: Configuring a PopupWindow so that it consumes the event used for hiding

Werner Lehmann lehmann at media-interactive.de
Mon May 7 04:57:51 PDT 2012

Hi Lubo,

On 27.04.2012 18:54, Lubomir Nerad wrote:
>> why do you think that the name is ambiguous? Seems clear to me. Some
>> other thoughts:
> It seemed to me that it was not clear (from the name) whether we were
> consuming the events which caused autohide or some autohide notification
> events (there is the onAutoHide event handler property in PopupWindow
> which usually implies the existence of a specific auto hide notification
> event).

I see. Wasn't aware of that event handler property. In my opinion the 
name consumeAutoHidingEvents is still ok: the property is named 
onAutoHide, not onAutoHideEvent. Also, it does not make much sense for 
someone to add an autoHide event handler and then expecting it not to be 
fired because of consumeAutoHidingEvents...  Naturally the Javadoc could 
clarify that, too.


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