JavaFX on iOS - viable or pipe dream?

Tom Eugelink tbee at
Fri May 11 04:11:33 PDT 2012

On 11-5-2012 11:28, John C. Turnbull wrote:
> Clearly the JavaFX community wants it to run on iOS more than any other
> unsupported platform and many see this is as an absolute priority for
> Oracle.  Perhaps now that Steve Jobs has left the building things have
> mellowed over at Apple but is it possible someone from the JavaFX
> development could comment on how they intend to overcome these issues?

Oracle 101:

Oracle has very very VERY strict rules for its employee on releasing information. It is considered a capital sin to release any info before it is officially sanctioned by the organization. I figure the JFX team don't want to lie, hence you (we) probably simply are not going to get a response to this important question.

But there have been minor slips about that there is work going on with regards to touch controlling of JavaFX (I hope they will do a better job in intermixing mouse and touch control than W8 is currently doing), and we have all seen the iOS demo's. So chances are high that there are talking going on. But until it is official, you won't hear anything.

This is frustrating for a lot of people. For example: right now I'm doing a project for a "world wide top 50 fastest growing company" according to some Fortune 500 index and I know they are in a pinch on where to evolve to with their mobile platform. I would love to be able to argue to them to go "JavaFX", but alas... Or: I've actually got a mobile game designed and want to start the implementation as soon I get a hole in my schedule, but what technology to use so a single codebase can run on the most platforms? C++ and OpenGL? Javascript and canvas? Or JFX?


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