Eclipse and JavaFX bundled with Java 7u4

Kim Topley kimtopley at
Fri May 11 16:29:45 PDT 2012

I installed the JDK 7u4 on my Mac and went through the normal procedure to
add it as a installed JRE in Eclipse Indigo (as directed at
This all works fine, EXCEPT that when I now create a new Java project, the
JavaFX classes are not on the class path. Looking at the definition of the
JRE, it is clear that jfxrt.jar was not picked up from jre/lib directory
when Eclipse built the JRE definition.

I don't whether this is an Oracle problem or an Eclipse problem, or where
to file a bug report to get this fixed.

The obvious workaround is to use the "Add External JARs..." button on the
JRE definition window, but that won't work because the JAR file is inside a
.app and the file chooser dialog that pops up won't allow opening up of the
package to select a file. So it looks like the only solution is to copy
jfxrt.jar and all its libraries to another location from which they can be
added. Luckily, I have the OpenJFX source installed, so I can pick up
JavaFX from there, but this is going to be very frustrating for people who
just want to try out JavaFX with Java 7.


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