Eclipse and JavaFX bundled with Java 7u4

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Fri May 11 17:03:23 PDT 2012


if you wait for some days the e(fx)clipse [1] project will come to
rescue with this problem [2].

The problem is that I'm not sure if Eclipse is really wrong in not
picking up JavaFX in its classpath. JavaFX though installed together
with JDK-7 is not part of JDK/JRE (e.g. on win32 the jfxrt.jar is not
installed in the JDK-Directory)!



Am 12.05.12 01:29, schrieb Kim Topley:
> I installed the JDK 7u4 on my Mac and went through the normal procedure to
> add it as a installed JRE in Eclipse Indigo (as directed at
> This all works fine, EXCEPT that when I now create a new Java project, the
> JavaFX classes are not on the class path. Looking at the definition of the
> JRE, it is clear that jfxrt.jar was not picked up from jre/lib directory
> when Eclipse built the JRE definition.
> I don't whether this is an Oracle problem or an Eclipse problem, or where
> to file a bug report to get this fixed.
> The obvious workaround is to use the "Add External JARs..." button on the
> JRE definition window, but that won't work because the JAR file is inside a
> .app and the file chooser dialog that pops up won't allow opening up of the
> package to select a file. So it looks like the only solution is to copy
> jfxrt.jar and all its libraries to another location from which they can be
> added. Luckily, I have the OpenJFX source installed, so I can pick up
> JavaFX from there, but this is going to be very frustrating for people who
> just want to try out JavaFX with Java 7.
> Kim

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