LocalToScene Transformation (related to Affine Transforms)

Alexander Kouznetsov alexander.kouznetsov at oracle.com
Mon May 14 02:21:28 PDT 2012

Hi Pavel,

On 11.05.2012 13:33, Pavel Safrata wrote:
>> Can't we just make Affine3D public instead? That way we'll provide 
>> matrices calculation layer and all we need is to provide methods to 
>> convert Affine3D to Affine and vice versa. Just an idea.
> This sounds like a bad idea to me. From user's point of view, Affine3D 
> and Affine would be duplicates except that Affine's members are 
> observable. What I think we should do is to port some of the Affine3D 
> functionality to the Affine class (which sounds close to RT-17942).
I don't see a really big difference here. Newly added class regardless 
of its name would be "a duplicate" of Affine class. Moreover if you're 
not going to port all of its methods there would always be a feature 
requests to port the rest of them. On the other hand the Affine class 
wouldn't be just a class that members are observable but would be also a 
class that has no matrix algebra methods and that is part of Transforms 
API. Affine3D is clearly a different layer then.

Best regards,
Alexander Kouznetsov

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