[Review request] Adding pre-built cells and cell factories to JavaFX

Greg Brown greg.x.brown at oracle.com
Mon May 14 11:14:30 PDT 2012

> Also, since it looks like some of the APIs take property objects, we'll probably need to modify FXMLLoader. FXML doesn't currently provide a way to get a reference to a property model - we'll need to add a new keyword and/or a new resolution operator to support this

Actually, this probably won't be necessary. Instead, we can simply allow BeanAdapter to refer to a property model by key. For example:

 <Label fx:id="label" text="Hello"/>

 <fx:reference value="label.text"/>  <!-- refers to the value of the Label's "text" property -->
 <fx:reference value="label.textProperty"/>  <!-- refers to the property object returned by Label#textProperty() -->

The same would apply to attribute values. "$label.text" would refer to the value of the "text" property, and "$label.textProperty" to the property object itself. I think this would be more intuitive anyways, and no new FXML syntax would be required.


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