Canvas API maintenance (Blend Modes)

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Fri May 18 13:57:11 PDT 2012

With updated javadoc >:)

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In addition to ImageOps... We had decided later on that we would drop the strange behavior of the CompositeOperations in Canvas and simply support the JavaFX BlendModes.

We decided BlendMode was a better name than composite because it is consistent with other JavaFX API.

Trivial Change to the API can be seen below:

import javafx.scene.effect.BlendMode;


     * Sets the Global Blend Mode of the current state.
     * @param op
    public void setGlobalBlendMode(BlendMode op);
     * Gets the Global Blend Mode of the current state.
     * @return CompositeOperation 
    public BlendMode getGlobalBlendMode();


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