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Sat May 19 14:00:07 PDT 2012


basically it was that.


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Od: Richard Bair <richard.bair at>
Předmět: Re: JavaFX 3D
Datum: 18.5.2012 18:24:15
Hi Jiri,

> I've played with 3D in JFX recently and I kind of struggled with it (not only
because of the math ;) ), so I can testify what you wrote about the 2D/3D paths
in JFX scenegraph. I think it'd be clearer to have Node3D/Shape3D than to switch
the semantics based on "depthTest=true" or on using PerspectiveCamera (think
about isometric engine - 2.5D, not necessarily  3D) in my code.

So the issues you had were just with depthTesting disabled by default and
perspective camera not being used by default, vs. setting opacity, effects,


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