JavaFX 3D on older GPUs

Adam Granger adam at
Sun May 20 03:24:28 PDT 2012


I'm trying to get JavaFX going on my somewhat ageing first-gen Intel iMac (GPU - ATI Radeon X1600) using JavaFX 2.2 b08. However, anything I do involving 3D (PerspectiveCamera + depthTest etc)  does not render correctly... as if there is no depth buffer - like I saw 6 months ago:

I've done some digging around, and found this:

"If your system does not support Prism, then JavaFX uses the Java2D software pipeline under Prism."

This was the output I got using -Dprism.verbose=true
Prism pipeline init order: es2 j2d 
Using t2k for text rasterization
Using dirty region optimizations
Prism pipeline name = com.sun.prism.es2.ES2Pipeline
Loading ES2 native library ...
(X) Got class = class com.sun.prism.es2.ES2Pipeline
**** GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object detected ****
Failed ES2GPUQualifier check.
System GPU doesn't meet the es2 pipe requirement
GraphicsPipeline.createPipeline: error initializing pipeline com.sun.prism.es2.ES2Pipeline
*** Fallback to Prism SW pipeline
Prism pipeline name = com.sun.prism.j2d.J2DPipeline
(X) Got class = class com.sun.prism.j2d.J2DPipeline
Initialized prism pipeline: com.sun.prism.j2d.J2DPipeline

1) do these sys reqs also apply to the 2.2 Mac builds
2) is this true that if your GPU is not supported then only 2D support is provided? or is it more likely I'm going something wrong?



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