Multi-touch API

Pavel Safrata pavel.safrata at
Fri May 25 00:49:59 PDT 2012

Hello Tom,
I think I didn't really get the issue. You can install mouse dragging 
event handlers on the map and on the marker. Why is that not sufficient? 
Or do you want that specifically for our ScrollPane? There is a 
"pannable" property that makes the scrollpane react on mouse dragging. 
If you register a dragging handler that consumes the event on any of its 
children, it is not propagated to the pane, so it doesn't scroll. Is 
that insufficient?

On 24.5.2012 16:37, Tom Eugelink wrote:
> The topic is too complex for me to provide any reasonable feedback at 
> this time.
> I do have a question though; I find myself dragging scrollpane 
> contents with my mouse lately, mimicking a finger slide, because it 
> feels very natural to do. Google Maps does support this kind of 
> navigation with a mouse (you can drag the map around), but a lot of 
> applications do not, and one has to go to the scrollbars and start 
> clicking. I understand that this actually makes sense, because the 
> contents of the scrollpane may want to react to dragging. Google Maps 
> solves this by differentiating where you click; on a marker (drag in 
> the pane) or on the map (drag the pane itself). It may be efficient to 
> have cross platform interaction to have viewports support this 
> difference in UI and allow a mouse to work like a finger. Just 
> braindumping.
> Tom

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