Re: Default behaviors (from Multi-touch thread)

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Sat May 26 02:55:01 PDT 2012

No opinions? Or no profiles? Does that mean we won't have to worry about WORA anymore? :)

Regards, Jiri

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Předmět: Default behaviors (from Multi-touch thread)
Datum: 25.5.2012 11:26:50
"It's about default behavior and uniform UI. Naturally everyone can code their
own dragging, but it would be great if certain things came out of the box. If
you pull a ScrollPane from the toolbox, it is default setup to scroll by using
the scrollbars. This is not the way this is done when using touch, then you
would use a drag. So there is a difference between the default behavior."

Brings the question of profiles for desktop/mobile in my opinion. How's that
going to be handled?


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