Classpath-relative URLs in CSS

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Thu May 31 14:06:52 PDT 2012

I'd like to be able to do them relative to the classpath too. I think we've seen this conversation before, what happened to the "classpath://" URL idea?

The W3C aren't building java applications. 


On 01/06/2012, at 3:54 AM, David Grieve <david.grieve at> wrote:

> URLs in a stylesheet are relative to the stylesheet itself. This is per W3C standard. 
> On May 31, 2012, at 1:42 PM, Werner Lehmann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> last month I learned that FXML can process absolute paths (relative to
>> the root of the classpath, see quoted portion below). It would be nice to have the same in css as well:
>>> -fx-background-image: url("/some/source/folder/arrow.png");
>> Currently I have to do this instead:
>>> -fx-background-image: url("../../../arrow.png");
>> And when the css file is moved to a different package I have to remember
>> to update the relative urls. Also, it does not seem to work with
>> resources inherited from a dependency project (might be an Eclipse issue
>> but I suppose it would work if the class loader was used).
>> The css reference says:
>>> "/com/wicked/cool/resources/styles.css" is treated as
>>> "com/wicked/cool/resources/styles.css". This is consistent with FXML.
>> It seems logical to support this not only for the stylesheet but also for urls in the stylesheet, just like urls in FXML...
>> Rgds
>> Werner
>> On 23.04.2012 18:40, Greg Brown wrote:
>>>> Correct me if I am wrong but today FXML seems to support relative
>>>> paths only. For instance, if I have a shared image resource
>>>> "warning.png" in the root of the classpath, I have to specify it
>>>> like "../../../../warning.png" in the FXML, depending on which
>>>> package the FXML is in.
>>> Currently, you can specify either a relative path (e.g.
>>> "../../warning.png") or an absolute path (relative to the classpath;
>>> e.g. "/warning.png") in FXML. This works for includes, script files,
>>> and attributes with a leading "@" symbol.
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