LCD font smoothing in Text has no effect

John C. Turnbull ozemale at
Thu May 31 21:19:57 PDT 2012

Looks like I am getting Direct3D...

Prism pipeline init order: d3d j2d 
Using t2k for text rasterization
Using dirty region optimizations
Prism pipeline name = com.sun.prism.d3d.D3DPipeline
Loading D3D native library ...
Direct3D initialization succeeded
(X) Got class = class com.sun.prism.d3d.D3DPipeline
Initialized prism pipeline: com.sun.prism.d3d.D3DPipeline
OS Information:
	Windows 7 build 7601
D3D Driver Information:
	NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800
	Driver nvd3dumx.dll, version
	Pixel Shader version 3.0
	Device : ven_10DE, dev_05FD, subsys_059310DE

...but I still get greyscale antialiasing.



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-Dprism.verbose=true to see which renderer is used.

Are you getting 2D or D3D/OGL ?

2D isn't set up to do it and we probably won't fix that because it won't
matter once we stop using it in 3.0


On 5/31/12 8:36 PM, John C. Turnbull wrote:
> I have never been able to see any difference when I set the font 
> smoothing option to LCD in a Text control even with the latest JavaFX 
> 2.2 drop.  Gray scale antialiasing is still in use.
> Is this something likely to be fixed soon?
> Thanks,
> -jct

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