Creating Clearer Method Names & Concepts

Tom Eugelink tbee at
Fri Nov 2 11:20:16 PDT 2012

Oh! Let me try to explain that (and see if I got it right).

The bind is lazy, so when a property changes all bound properties are made invalid (this is when the Invalidation event is fired), but they are not recalculated. Only when the getter is executed, that property really is recalculated (with all kinds of performance cascading things going on) and then new value is known (this is when the Changed event is fired).

Have I got it right?


On 2012-11-02 19:14, Mark Fortner wrote:
> I still find myself tripping over the names of methods or concepts in the
> JavaFX API -- where the API says "X", but only after you dig into the
> documentation do you discover that it really means Y.
> For example, property "Invalidation" doesn't really communicate what the
> code is actually doing.  The property isn't invalid, it's value has never
> been validated (we don't yet have that concept in the API), so how can the
> property be "invalid"? All that's really indicated is that the property
> value has been changed -- although the subtle distinction between
> InvalidationListener and ChangeListener is lost on me and I always use a
> ChangeListener.
> At some point when we have a validation framework for JavaFX, how will the
> concomitant method calls that come with that framework, play out with the
> existing method calls. There will probably be a lot of head scratching
> going on.
> And there's the documentation for *Axis.toNumericValue*, and *
> Axis.toRealValue*:
> Granted, "All axis values must be representable by some numeric value." But
> what I really want to know is are we translating from user space
> coordinates to data space coordinates? Or vice-versa?  What is a "real
> value" and what is a "numeric value"? Aren't all values in an XY chart
> numbers?
> And why is that if I'm translating from user space to data space that I
> still need to take into account the width of the Y-Axis?  Shouldn't I be
> able to get coordinates relative to the chart's content space?
> Cheers,
> Mark

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