JFX build and deployment - squeaking wheel

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 17:07:01 PDT 2012

> As I've mentioned before (and during the keynote at JavaOne 2012), this is where I want to put my effort. The difficult problem is being able to build installers from any system for any other system, but baring that, the rest is pretty solvable. We're open sourcing the javafx packager, which hopefully helps make this a little easier to contribute to.

I am definitely watching for the open sourcing of that to happen. I'm hoping all the code around the native packager, the native launcher code for each platform and everything to do with native building will be part of that open sourced code. I'm hoping there will be no technical or legal barriers to us using that code within our own build tools and completely avoid the bundled jre build tools (so we don't have to wait months/years for our fixes to be officially included before our tools can be used).

Is it all community work then or are there plans for any work to be done in this area from the official jfx team - and if so what/when? I don't want to double up on any work (as happened with the native launcher work - Igor and I wrote the same code because I didn't know he was working on it). 

Is the jre trimming option (ie project jigsaw precursor) still planned for java 8 and can you give us any indication on what this will look like and how it will work? Will the legals be solved as well as the technical issues?

What contributions do you want as a number 1 priority. I tried to start AU because it was the only thing on this topic I've seen interest in from jfx and so I assumed it was something more likely to get picked up but Igor seemed to lose interest. If you had to pick one thing in this area to get done what would it be and if it was done when would be the earliest it would get included in a jfx release?

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