Memory Leaks

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Sun Nov 4 10:56:04 PST 2012

By the way, 2.2 is still considered as unreleased in Jira (with 2.0 
being the latest released version). When reporting a bug for 2.2 you 
have to pick a value from the "unreleased" part of the list of version 
numbers. Not a big deal but maybe easy enough to fix.

On 02.11.2012 21:50, Richard Bair wrote:
> Thanks for the link, I didn't know about this feature (passing it
> on). Unless we make our version numbers more verbose (including build
> numbers), it won't help to accumulate what fixes went into a specific
> build (as I understand it), but at least for major releases we could
> have a comprehensive report.

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