How to trigger property invalidation?

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Nov 5 02:57:34 PST 2012

Hi Pavel,

On 05.11.2012 09:46, Pavel Safrata wrote:
> I understand your concern, I've come across a similar issue some time
> ago. Your approach looks technically nice but conceptually is not so
> nice because the property refers to an employee, and even if the
> employee moved to a different address, it's still the same employee.
> Admitting it doesn't look so neat, here is the approach we've chosen:

thanks. It is true, editing the employee does not make it a different 
employee. That's exactly why I'd prefer to invalidate the property 
without replacing the employee instance ;-)

I realize that making everything observable would solve this problem - 
while creating a new one: server provides a POJO, and for GUI I'd have 
to copy the data to an "FX-Employee" bean. And that's exactly one of the 
topics in this other property thread on the list (blackmagic (I like 
that), property paths, etc).

Personally I don't want to create those FX observable beans shadowing 
the domain beans to get observability. The data of a single employee 
would go from the database to a Hibernate bean to a domain bean to an FX 
bean and back. That's a lot of copying and boilerplate.

But I also realize that there is no easy way to have both. It seems easy 
enough to make markInvalid protected but even then I'd have to find a 
workaround for 2.2.x.


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