javafx.scene.input.*Event classes construction

Pavel Safrata pavel.safrata at
Thu Nov 8 03:42:59 PST 2012

shame on me, I'm really sorry for getting here so late. I've just read 
through the proposal and I'd like to propose several changes before it 
starts to be used by apps.

> DragEvent:
> public DragEvent copyFor(Object source, EventTarget target, Object gestureSource, Object gestureTarget, Dragboard dragboard)
> public DragEvent copyFor(Object source, EventTarget target, Object gestureSource, Object gestureTarget, TransferMode transferMode, EventType<DragEvent> eventType)

I think we should not complicate the API with those two methods. They 
have no obvious usage for users and I think all existing internal usages 
can be removed by a simple refactoring.

> MouseEvent:
> public MouseEvent(EventType<? extends MouseEvent> eventType, double x, double y, double screenX, double screenY, MouseButton button,int clickCount, boolean shiftDown, boolean controlDown, boolean altDown, boolean metaDown,  boolean primaryButtonDown, boolean middleButtonDown, boolean secondaryButtonDown, boolean synthesized, boolean popupTrigger)

I would drop this one, there is a similar one with one more argument: 
stillSincePress. This argument is not that special, we can use the other 
method instead. There are places in robot where we're not sure what to 
put there, but it doesn't really justify for having this duplicated 
method (it should rather be fixed there).

> TouchEvent:
> public boolean isDirect() // was impl_ because (according to a comment in code) there are no indirect events yet, but GestureEvent already has this public.

I think we should not publish isDirect() and that we should remove the 
"direct" argument from constructors. Currently touch events are always 
direct. We are able to produce indirect touch events from TrackPad, but 
our API specifically states that we don't and won't deliver them. They 
are just prepared for the possibility that we add custom gesture 
recognizers in the future that may work with those indirect events, but 
it is not really certain we'll ever do that, and if we will, it is not 
certain if it will be allowed to feed custom events to them. So 
publishing this useless flag would be pretty confusing right now.

Finally, to make TouchEvent constructor usable, we need also constructor 
for TouchPoint.

Let me once more apologize for the late response.

> -Martin
> On 06/15/2012 11:44 PM, Richard Bair wrote:
>>>>> As for the approach, I think you do the constructors with all params (since events are immutable you have no choice really -- static factory or constructor and I prefer in this case a constructor) + builder (auto generated).
>>>> And what do you think about impl_copy methods? Personally I think we should remove them completely and turn them to some internal utility methods.
>>> My initial thought was a copy constructor.
>>>> Also, some events are not 100% immutable, as they are modified during the Scene processing through some impl_methods, like MouseEvent.impl_setClickParam. We'd either need to make some/all of the Event fields protected and do this modifications through subclasses or create some "accessor" in javafx.scene.input package for calling these methods from javafx.scene package.
>>> Good question, I guess we can revisit these in context of the other impl_ method removal things we're working on.
>>> Richard

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