Open Sourcing: decora-compiler

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Thu Nov 8 11:32:11 PST 2012

Am 08.11.12 17:43, schrieb Felipe Heidrich:
> One hour to implement an editor ? Awesome!

In fact i only had to paste the ANTLR-Grammer from JSL.g to my
xtext-File and let the generator generate the editor.

> I've filed to help track the progress in this one.

Good. Like stated this is low priority compared to the rest of
e(fx)clipse sub-components, people joining and working on that are
certainly welcome!

A very low hanging fruite would be to attach the decora-compiler code to
the editor and generate the source files in the background.

> Thanks
> ps.: in that initial work already includes content assist ?

No but we have an AST and at least syntactical error reporting and
syntax highlighting.

Next would be to work a bit on the grammer so that the AST is not
getting so endlessly big (you see the enormous AST generated in the
Outline View on the right) and add references in the grammer which makes
scoping and content assist possible.


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