BorderPane ignores managed property?

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Thu Nov 8 14:43:52 PST 2012

I did a quick search in Jira but I didn't see this particular issue.  It seems that in JavaFX 2.2 BorderPane ignores the managed property.  I am rolling my own scroll pane because there is a horrible flickering bug in the standard ScrollPane when the content size changes and the scroll position isn't at 0 (bug report on the way soon).

I have placed ScrollBars in the left and bottom panes of the BorderPane and bound their managed property to the visibility property.  The problem is that when I hide the scroll bars they are still taking up the physical space in the BorderPane.  

I'm working around the problem by wrapping them in an HBox and VBox - which shrinks to zero size when the contained ScrollBar becomes unmanaged.


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