JavaFX plugin for SBT

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Sun Nov 11 20:32:14 PST 2012

Looks good. Standardisation would be great wherever appropriate.

I'm considering adding JNLP and Applet support to the Maven plugin. For
these I think I would like to support:

   - Auto generation of a JNLP file based on the POM details (with optional
   templating system to customise it)
   - Auto generation of a HTML page based on the POM details which links to
   the JNLP file (with optional templating)
   - Auto generation of a HTML page based on the POM details for Applet
   (with optional templating)

(I need to look into the existing JFX Packager tooling to see how much of
this it does and how much would be new code but regardless this would be
the goals)

Assuming the Gradle and SBT tools are wanting to do something similar (?)
then I guess we need some standard directories for the templates, maybe:

    src/main/webstart <-- contains jnlp template and html template for
launching the jnlp
    src/main/applet <-- contains html template for launching the jnlp


Do you guys use the 'target' directory as the output directory in Gradle or
SBT? Do we need to standardise on output directories, or is this every man
for himself?

Currently I'm using target/javafx as the base of the output - unless there
are objections I will look at putting each "bundle" under there, along the
lines of:


Not sure whether the JFX packaging tools will let me actually do this
without customisations - will see.

Waiting on that open sourcing to happen before doing too much of the above

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