Compact Profiles for Desktop

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Wed Nov 14 05:17:24 PST 2012

If anyone is interested in the general direction of compact JRE profiles
for desktop (i.e. the work the "embedded" team is doing to make smaller
JREs), then see this conversation:

Currently the embedded team only have motivation and resources to make this
work on linux. There doesn't seem to be any technical hurdles to supporting
other OS's though, but someone from the community would need to do the

I'm going to focus on the Maven tooling for a bit and then see how I go for
motivation and time. This area of JRE build scripts, is not an area I'm too
crash hot in so it's going to be slow going for me (step 1: install linux)
with no guarantee of results.

A fair few people said in earlier conversations regarding mobile support
that they would happily put their hands up to do this port. Seems to me
that this would be the logical first step (I'm assuming a 70MB JRE is not
going to cut it for an iPhone app) - so if anyone wants to step up for
this, the boots are ready to be put on.

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