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Richard Bair richard.bair at
Wed Nov 14 14:04:10 PST 2012

On Nov 6, 2012, at 10:02 PM, Mario Torre <neugens at> wrote:

> Il giorno mar, 06/11/2012 alle 07.32 -0800, Richard Bair ha scritto:
>> Hi Deepak,
>> This is great news! I don't know if Mario / Roman or any other RedHat engineers working on this will be at Devoxx? I'm planning on spending most of Tuesday at the Devoxx Hackergarten working on upgrading the build. Also, we should have the javafx packager (which does the native application co-bundles) open sourced this week.
>> Cheers!
>> Richard
> Hi Richard,
> Unfortunately we won't be at Devoxx but I've seen the discussion going
> on and is very welcomed news!
> I think the native packager is an interesting challenge to include in
> Linux distributions, indeed a very good starting point.
> Does it depend on other JavaFX code internally or is a standalone tool?

I think it is standalone. Scott?

> Once we get back (we are in Toronto now) I'll write also some followup
> to sync about the actual status of the build refactoring (including the
> new build tool).

Cool. I met with Hans Docktor (Mr Gradle) on Tuesday and he was awesome help (thanks Hans!) in getting things farther along. I also met Xavier (not sure of last name) who is on Android build team and working on migrating standard android build tooling to Gradle (not for android itself, yet, but for people building android apps). They have pretty close to all the same build requirements we do so I think this is a great time to be trying to use Gradle.

> Also, next week we should announce the official deadlines for the Fosdem
> call for papers, it would be greet if you would like submit a paper and
> join us there, too!

There is a good chance I could be there, although it falls on my son's birthday which would be a royal shame to miss!


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