Generated JNLP and HTML files - mysterious values

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Nov 19 01:52:44 PST 2012

I may know what happens (or I could be wrong).

In any case, we have had repeatedly the case (on Win64) where webstart 
would want to install the FX runtime because it is missing, then 
downloads it, finds it is already installed, continues with running the 
original webstart application which then fails because FX is not 
installed (failed to load the Platform class).

If that sentence was confusing, it is even more confusing to a user. 
Even if they are technically adapt. This particular case was probably 
caused by FX "2.1" instead of "2.2" in the JNLP, and by using Webstart 
from a different JRE than intended. But it happens easily. Too easily. I 
guess we will have to make an FAQ or something for our customers to fix 
problems with Webstart. And currently we "fix" that by poking around 
until it runs... Worries me.


On 17.11.2012 07:22, Daniel Zwolenski wrote:
> What happens if that JNLP I sent is used on a 64bit windows machine running
> Java 1.6. The URL looks to be 32bit specific so would it download a 32bit
> version of JFX into a 64bit JVM?

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