Avoiding effect rotation?

Randahl Fink Isaksen randahl at rockit.dk
Mon Nov 19 16:54:36 PST 2012

I noticed that if you rotate a beach ball with JavaFX, its drop shadow rotates along with it. For a beach ball at least, this is not natural. Let's say that the drop shadow is located below the ball at its right-hand side. Once you rotate the ball the location of the drop shadow starts circling the ball, which obviously never happens in real life. So, while I can see why rotatable effects might be useful in some cases, at least for a beach ball it looks odd.

I would imagine that the most common case is that you do not want a drop shadow to rotate along with its object, but can anyone confirm that this is an intentional design decision, and / or if there is some work-around for this.



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