[REVIEW REQUEST] RT-19713 Add API to JavaFX to allow for setting preferred user agent stylesheet

Jasper Potts jasper.potts at oracle.com
Wed Nov 21 13:09:03 PST 2012

Hi All,

I would like to add API to Application to add the ability to set the default user agent stylesheet. So far JavaFX has had a default stylesheet of capsian.css hard coded for all applications. In 8 if we have time I would like to have a new stylesheet that you can use as alternative to caspian.css. This would also open the platform to easy use of 3rd party look and feels.

public abstract class Application {
     * Set the default user agent stylesheet. This is used to provide default
     * styling for all ui controls and other nodes. Each release of JavaFX may
     * have a new default value for this so if you need to guarantee consistency
     * you will need to call this method and choose what default you would like
     * for your application.
     * @param url The URL to the stylesheet as a String.
    public static void setDefaultUserAgentStylesheet(String url) ….

This has been a much requested feature for a long time:

There have been some workarounds for specific use cases and a proposed solution for a Theme class but none have solved the root problem of being able to change the default user agent stylesheet.



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