[Review request] TreeTableView

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at oracle.com
Mon Nov 26 14:19:49 PST 2012

Hi all,

I'm planning to relocate the TreeTableView control I've been developing 
in the OpenJFX 8.0 controls sandbox over into the proper OpenJFX 8.0 
controls repo. Before that happens there is a gate here that we need to 
go through related to having an early API review. To make understanding 
the control easier, I've written up an overview of the TreeTableView 
control here:


This documentation covers the core concepts of the API, it includes 
examples of how the API is used, and finally I've put up a brief 
paragraph detailing the implementation (although I may add more detail 
in here as time passes and questions come in). My colleage Jindra Dinga, 
who is responsible for the UX design of the TreeTableView control, has 
posted his UX documentation for it at the same link above, so hopefully 
this too will prove useful for people to fully understand precisely what 
a TreeTableView is, and is not.

To get a slightly more in-depth understanding of the path TreeTableView 
has taken to where it is today, you may also be interested in the 
following Jira issue, and perhaps you may choose to follow it and / or 
offer feedback directly into the Jira issue:


The TreeTableView control that is in the sandbox repo is far superior to 
the prototype that is in the 8.0 controls repo (in the com.preview.* 
package). It is my intention to completely remove the old TreeTableView 
control and replace it with the new implementation, and even go so far 
as to place it in the correct packages so that I can make use of package 
protected API. However, it is important to note that the API _is not 
final_ - I'm only going through the first gate here to get the code into 
the correct repo and packages - there will be further discussion in the 
future regarding API design, missing / incorrect functionality, and 
straight out bugs.

I hope that you are all excited about getting a TreeTableView control 
into JavaFX 8.0, and I hope you can all help guide the control towards 
an API that meets your requirements and use cases. I think what we have 
now is good, but API design can not be done in a vacuum so I look 
forward to your feedback. I would recommend that discussion regarding 
moving TreeTableView into the official OpenJFX 8.0 controls repo take 
place here, and that discussion around API design and functionality be 
posted on the Jira issue linked above (rather than here), to try to 
prevent the amount of noise on this list.

-- Jonathan

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