Layouts with constraint classes

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Fri Nov 30 01:59:12 PST 2012

> And it fails to address the multiple layouts scenario.

It doesn't fail to address it - there are plenty of options for this
currently (e.g. move the constraint specification to the container builder,
or add a binding to the 'parent' that changes the constraints to match,
etc, etc). It just doesn't do it the exact way you suggest where you
specify multiple possibilities directly in the child in case it ends up in
a different parent - not an approach I agree with anyway (see my previous
comments), but that's just my opinion.

> Although I'm a proponent of cleaning up deprecated stuff on major

Me too - in theory. The JRE AU policy means every Webstart, Applet and
regular app running using a normally installed JRE will break the day that
major version is released. Maybe there's hope with Java 9 with Jigsaw, but
I doubt it. The option to be able to clean the API was one of the
sacrifices for including JFX in the JRE (

Right, no more distractions. Back to the JavaFX packager code for me. I am
trying to work out whether I am a simpleton with no grasp on the
complexities this code is trying to overcome, or whether the native bundler
code is just ridiculously over engineered. Call me a dreamer but having a
launcher.exe, a jfx launcher main class (that searches the registry!), an
optional jfx launcher pre-loader, and a fall-back JRE link seems a tad like
overkill when you have a co-bundled JRE.

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