Is there any source code for the JavaFX SceneBuilder?

Jerome Cambon jerome.cambon at
Mon Oct 8 00:23:05 PDT 2012

Hi Freddy,

We will provide documentation about Scene Builder integration with 
various IDE (Netbeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ) soon.
For IntelliJ IDEA, it is quite easy to launch Scene Builder (SB) from 
the IDE, and to build/run the SB samples :

1- Launch SB for IntelliJ
- From File->Settings panel, select File Types. Select "Files opened in 
associated applications", and add "*.fxml" in the pattern list.
- Double-click an fxml file to edit it with Scene Builder

2- Run SB examples
- Create project from existing sources
- In idea/compiler.xml, add the .fxml resource so that the fxml file is 
copied in the "out" directory next to .class files


On 10/6/12 10:10 PM, Freddy Guime wrote:
> I wanted to see how hard would it be to integrate the FX SceneBuilder with
> intellij and was curious if there was either the source code available, or
> documentation to integrate it with other IDE's (How did NetBeans folks did
> it?)
> Thanks!
> Freddy

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