Is there any source code for the JavaFX SceneBuilder?

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Tue Oct 9 03:23:16 PDT 2012

Am 09.10.12 12:14, schrieb Werner Lehmann:
> This is also simple to do in Eclipse. The main problem I am having is,
> how to pass the location of the resource bundle and especially the
> classpath of my custom controls to SceneBuilder. Without this I am
> seeing only black boxes (not necessarily black) instead of my custom
> controls, and resource bundle keys like "%task-dialog-title" instead of
> "Edit employee task".
> In my case this classpath would be assembled from the output directories
> of several dependent projects plus libraries.
> Tom, is this something you managed to do in e(fx)clipse?

No. My e(fx)clipse internal preview naturally has all those informations
because it knows the classpath of the project.

We'd need from the SceneBuilder people an API (once we directly embed
the editor) and/or an interchange format to tell them where to search
for classes.

So if we (Eclipse,Netbeans,SceneBuilder) could work on an interchange
format like

  <entry src="C:/bla/bla/test.jar" type="jar" />
  <entry src="C:/bla/bla/bin" type="folder" />
  <entry src="C:/bla/blo/bin" type="folder" />

this could help you.

It is very easy for IDEs to provide something like this.


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