3D Features Planned for Version 8

Kirill.Prazdnikov kirill.prazdnikov at oracle.com
Tue Oct 9 06:42:35 PDT 2012

Hi John, all,

This questions are very interesting. FX8 will be very soon.
Due to very limited time-frame,  only fixed material will be implemented 
in FX8.
Custom material is a nice subject to discussion.
Which graphics shader language you think would be best ?


On 09.10.2012 11:52, Chien Yang wrote:
> Hi John,
>    Good questions. We have evaluated both user subclassing of Material 
> and custom shader during our 3D features meeting. They do not belong 
> to the "must have" list in our use case study, and they require 
> certain design tradeoff and investment work that we aren't ready to 
> commit for JavaFX 8.
> - Chien
> On 10/8/2012 3:30 PM, John Smith wrote:
>> Thanks for making the info public Chien.
>>    1. Will I be able to subclass Material to create my own material 
>> types?
>>    2. If so, what could I reasonably expect these custom Materials to 
>> be capable of?
>>    3. Will I be able to create custom shaders which make use of the 
>> shading hardware on the GPU?  And if so, how would this be done?
>> I think you would be able to implement a wide variety of 3D related 
>> use cases in JavaFX 3D if it provided a clean API with a similar 
>> feature set (and ease of use) to the three.js library:
>>    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three.js#Features
>>    http://aerotwist.com/tutorials/
>> In providing such a feature set, a JavaFX 3D API would at appear to 
>> be feature comparable to WebGL, which I think is one of the 
>> comparison points that somebody evaluating the API would have.  The 
>> planned features on the wiki go a fair way towards implementing a lot 
>> of the base functionality required to make this happen.  Obviously, a 
>> complete implementation of such a feature set is not in scope for 
>> JDK8, but it would be interesting to know what is planned for the 
>> future with regards to JavaFX and 3D.
>> Regards,
>> John
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>> Hi all,
>> We have been thinking about the possible 3D features for JavaFX 8 for 
>> a while. We are now ready to present the plan to the community for 
>> review.
>> This information has also been presented at this year's JavaOne "3D 
>> Made Easy with JavaFX" technical session.
>> https://wikis.oracle.com/display/OpenJDK/3D+Features
>> Please let us know if you have any suggestions or concerns.
>> Regards,
>> - Chien Yang
>>     JavaFX Graphics Team

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