Is there any source code for the JavaFX SceneBuilder

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Tue Oct 9 07:46:36 PDT 2012


thanks for the explanation. I wasn't aware that the classpath could be 
set with PI's in FXML.

In my opinion this could be used as a workaround for now but does not 
really replace full IDE integration - at least not in a way how I would 
envision it. The relative paths are a problem when it comes to 
refactoring, and especially when you want to reuse the same lines in 
different FXMLs: copy & paste of those PI's requires me to think about 
how many ../../ I'd need, depending on the package of the FXML at hand. 
And I don't even want to use the DRY pattern...

Usually the IDE manages the classpath for me, it would be redundant to 
add that to the FXML. I think this is similar to imports in a plain Java 
file: you say what you want but not where to find it. This information 
is provided separately. Perhaps via command line "-cp" parameter, etc. 
Furthermore, I believe it would be more practical to specify the 
resource bundle relative to the classpath as with any other control import.

Maybe this is something intended for FX8? The roadmap mentions "enhanced 
Java IDE integration" but does not provide many details. This would be a 
pity for me because I'll be tied to JRE 6/7 for a quite a while longer 
and could not use this (if necessary we might be able to use JRE8 on 
development machines only but that would be less desirable).


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