No JavaFX for iOS, Android or WP - why not?

Mark Fortner phidias51 at
Tue Oct 9 12:04:35 PDT 2012

My preference would be to get the following tasks taken care of before
Oracle starts throwing resources at supporting tablets, mobile and JavaFX

   - *Deployment using Maven.*  Although you can build with Maven, there
   are a lot of hoops that you still have to jump through, and we still don't
   have the artifacts in an accessible repo.  I think Zonski, and others have
   blogged about this, and kvetched on mailing lists so I won't repeat their
   comments here.
   - *Webstart deployment *- this is still problematic.  Currently when you
   push new artifacts to your web server, it's not replacing the existing JARs
   in the user's cache -- despite what the documentation says.  The "special"
   javafx tags aren't documented well enough and presume that you're using the
   Ant tools to generate the JNLP.  And getting shaded jars is next to
   - *Charts* - support for zooming and panning within the charts.  Support
   for drawing on top of charts.
   - *Support for Swing components within JavaFX. * If the goal is to
   replace Swing, then this is one of those essential capabilities that needs
   to be in place. The current examples only demonstrate how to put JavaFX
   components within Swing applications.  Unfortunately, if you want to reuse
   any existing components (like JFreeCharts for example) within your project,
   you're SOL at the moment.
   - *Support for an EventBus.*  Currently, there's a lot of point2point
   event code that you have to write to fire and listen to events.  It would
   make for a much more useable codebase if you could simply publish and
   subscribe to events at the application level.
   - *Release the source.*  It's a royal pain to have to download the
   source through mercurial rather than simply read it as you do with the
   Swing code or download it as you do with any Maven package.

There's also some work that needs to be done to make it easier for people
to participate.  I have 3 accounts at the moment: one for this mailing
list, one for the forums, and one for JIRA.  Can we just boil that down to
one, and let me login with Facebook or Google credentials?



On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 11:14 AM, Filipe Portes <omeuefilipe at>wrote:

> well,
> what I really will like to see, more than JavaFx running over mobile
> plataforms, Is java embedded and JavaFX becoming themselves a pure Java
> mobile plataform.
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> > Thanks for stepping in Richard.
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> > Jiri
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> > FWIW, the community support on this mailing list is outstanding in my
> > opinion. Usually it does not take more than a day to even get replies
> > directly from Oracle staff. And suggestions are discussed with an open
> > mind. Compare that to the cost and response time of a support contract.
> >
> > Rgds
> > Werner
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> > On 09.10.2012 19:20, Richard Bair wrote:
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> >> In the Java group, we are very concerned about community involvement.
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