No JavaFX for iOS, Android or WP - why not?

Pedro Duque Vieira pedro.duquevieira at
Wed Oct 10 07:02:47 PDT 2012

Hi Richard,

What about the problem with applet deployment or webstart. This problem has
been around since the beginning and there is no official
statements/roadmaps on when is it going to be solved. Just some general
pointers but nothing concrete.
I think it would be important to get some official statement on this,
preferably with deliverable dates.

Thanks, best regards,

> > Serious, non-rhetorical question: if you were a front-line developer
> right now what sort of job would you say to your customer "the best
> platform your needs here is JavaFX"?
> Any serious application. I'm not talking about some web property like
>, but rather, all of the sales software or distribution software
> or whatever is running Nike corporation. With co-bundling and auto-update,
> you really don't need to build web apps for that kind of stuff. That's what
> I would be aiming for.
> > The notion that once its all open source the community can do all the
> extra work to bridge the short commings is a bit of a fantasy.
> I should hope not. I know many developers (some of whom have already
> spoken up on this thread) happy to do a port. Android hasn't had any
> trouble getting 3rd parties to port Android to anything and everything. A
> new port of JavaFX is not a major undertaking, almost the entire platform
> just works.
> > Firstly, it's going to take way too long to get there, established
> platforms are snowballing ahead as JavaFX struggles to catch up. We'll have
> HTML6 by the time JFX gets open sourced AND then the community gets round
> to adding features that needed to be in there 6 months ago to be
> competitive.
> That's just being silly. HTML 5 isn't even going to be here for a few more
> years, let alone 6.
> > Secondly, where's the incentive for the community to do this?
> If there is no incentive, then I guess you've proved the point, no? I
> should hope there is a large amount of incentive, as others on this thread
> (and many more privately) have verified. You act as though nobody has
> adopted JavaFX, but we're seeing a broad swell of adoption, especially
> among existing Swing developers. There are a lot of people who are
> developing for JavaFX commercially, and most of those people are not
> talking about it openly. Some very big customers in the lot. They love FX
> and are also committed to it.
> Oracle funds hundreds of salaries based on JavaFX & Java client. There is
> a huge, heavy investment from Oracle. JavaFX is here for a long time --
> we've got paying customers and we've got support contracts. Look, we got
> beat up real bad for not having Mac and Linux support at 1.0, people
> questioned publicly whether we'd ever do it.
> Richard

Pedro Duque Vieira

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