JavaFX for the Enterprise - Working Group

Roman Kennke roman at
Wed Oct 17 07:33:06 PDT 2012

Am Mittwoch, den 17.10.2012, 07:23 -0700 schrieb Richard Bair:
> We are already doing everything on your list (which was pretty void of
> specifics). Please list specific work projects, linked to specific
> JIRA issues, and vote for them and for goodness sake contribute!

I was a little puzzled by the proposal. While I generally agree with the
points, it reads a little much like 'demands'. I also agree with your
sentiment, especially with 'for goodness sake contribute!'. The takeaway
from all this is that the number one thing Oracle could do to accelerate
JavaFX (both adoption AND contribution) is to open source it. This would
make it easier (or feasible at all) to contribute and it would also help
developers adopt it and use it for their own projects & products. But I
know you know all this already so who am I telling this? ;-)


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