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2012/10/17 Daniel Zwolenski <zonski at>:
> So Oracle as an organization doesn't think JavaFX can be a player in the
> web/enterprise space and is backing HTML5. I don't agree, JavaFX has the *
> potential* to be better. But it's a long way behind and gotten off to a
> rocky start; there's a hell of a lot of work to be done and the current
> rate, strategy and direction are not going to be nearly enough.
> Oracle is a big corporation with many different divisions. The left arm
> doesn't know what the right is doing. So let's put aside 'oracle' for a
> moment. I want to know: what does the JavaFX team think? Do you want to go
> up against HTML5 for the client space, or just settle for a spot on the
> fringe?

Well, you know, somehow there is people that think HTML 5 has a market
and other people that think JavaFX is the future, perhaps those both
have a market and a future?

It makes a lot of sense to support one product *and* the other, and it
especially makes sense to support one over the other in some context
at times: if you think rationally there are limited resources even in
huge corporations like Oracle; I can see why some management folks
make decision like this, they probably go where they think there is
money, and I can also see how they piss everybody else off by doing
this ;)

There is only one solution for this, once the code is out, put your
own time in it to get it where nobody else has before. No, really.
Seriously. When Richard ask you to contribute, he really means it.

And it's not about Oracle being crazy here, every Open Source project
works the same way, really. People do choices, somebody doesn't agree,
then just grab the code and fix what's wrong...

Whoops... now I hear you say it! Where's the code? This is really a
question for Richard then :)

But really, this is the only thing to worry about and that we need to
keep asking aloud, all the rest will come by. [1]


[1] And to be honest, I love this thread even if I think the questions
are all the other way around, because it shows there's a community out
there that really wants this code to be out sooner.
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