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2012/10/17 Mark Claassen <markclaassenx at>:
> I joined this list a few days ago because I wanted to start contributing
> So far, I am not sure it is quite where I should be.  I would like to
> discuss more about the components (table, list boxes, ...).  I am not
> exactly sure where to do that.

You just unfortunately ended up subscribing to this list in the middle
of a storm :)

But this list has been used in the past to discuss components and
details of the implementation, so this is definitely the right place
to start discussing those things.

@Richard: Perhaps it would be more fun to simply have a list dedicated
to flaming Oracle for supporting HTML 5 rather than JavaFX :)

> However, I will add here that I started (a very short-lived) thread on the
> netbeans user list along these lines.  Basically what I was saying was that
> Netbeans is a wonderful UI built on Swing.  Could this same project be done
> in JavaFX?  Maybe not yet, but could it be in the future?  It seems like
> the JavaFX team could get a lot of advice and requirements from the
> netbeans team.

This thread is interesting. I've seen at J1 some tools using JavaFX
with the SWT bridge. The Swing one will also work equally well. We
also have (we need to put some love to make it work on 2.2

The big trouble is #2, this will only work if:

1. Netbeans can ship JavaFX
2. JavaFX is included in any major OpenJDK/JDK releases (that means,
including distribution related IcedTea builds).

For both options, JavaFX needs to be fully Open Sourced, or even
NetBeans will fall back into non free bits, so I agree with them.

> Some of the main data structures, like the ObservableList, make me cringe.
> I created a similar structure 10 years ago and have since learned the error
> of my ways.  Granted, the JavaFX team has a lot more resources and
> experience than I did all those years ago, but from my point of view, there
> are dangerous waters ahead.

I'm sure this is the kind of discussion mostly welcomed on this list,
after all, this is what makes it a community project.

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