JavaFX for the Enterprise - Working Group

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Wed Oct 17 15:27:14 PDT 2012

> This dismissive comment about contributing really rams home how you, Richard, personally feel about contributions so far. Nice. 

I'm sorry Dan, I certainly have paid attention over all this time to all the hard work and dedication you have put into JavaFX both on the forums and here. Of course I've been very grateful and very impressed by the shear passion (and length of emails!) that you generate. I certainly did not mean to say that you haven't contributed personally. What I was saying (in my clumsy way) is that we as a team are working hard on every single point you raised, and many, many other points you haven't raised. We definitely don't do everything right, but I feel we have done really very well, and the most productive way to move forward is to do those things which I mentioned (and not to you, but to everybody): file issues, become a contributor, and work with us towards solving these problems.


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