JavaFX for the Enterprise - Working Group

Roman Kennke roman at
Thu Oct 18 10:49:12 PDT 2012

> From talking with the NB team, one feature they really need is to be
> able to embed Swing within JavaFX. Hopefully we can deliver on that
> for 8.

Interesting! We (Mario and I) found the same thing when we tried out
JavaFX in a corporate/banking environment last year. There are just so
many custom components that in some cases took years to build, which are
not going to easily be replaced by JavaFX counterparts (although they
would probably take much less time to do in JavaFX). That is why we
started our SwingView back then. Unfortunately, we did not follow up
with it though, due to a lack of support from JavaFX (API-wise). Now,
with the new image/pixel APIs, would be a good time to revisit this
effort. Unless you already have something in the pipe for that, that is.
On the other hand, if you have not already started on this, we might be
more than willing to work on it and contribute it to JavaFX mainline.

(Some somewhat old info on our SwingView is here:


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