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Fri Oct 19 05:27:19 PDT 2012

This is awesome, thanks for doing this :)


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Od: Richard Bair <richard.bair at>
Předmět: Re: Open Sourcing Status Report
Datum: 19.10.2012 00:39:21
> In terms of build support, you might want to make it easy to hook into the
openjdk build and distribution system that Henri Gomez has put together here:

I'll send him a note, JavaFX should be co-bundled with JRE builds, but I could
imagine OpenJDK builds don't co-bundle, but it would be awesome if they did.

> There are still some jira issues which give permission violations when you try
to look at them.  Is it possible to limit the jira issues which have restricted
permissions to those which are unresolved security issues and to allow anybody
to view jira cases without signing up for a jira account and logging in?

I'm not sure why we don't already allow un-authenticated users from browsing
JIRA. It seems odd because we should want Google indexing the thing and so
forth. I've put in a question to Brian and Kevin to find out what the story on
that is. I'm not comfortable with un-authenticated editing of a JIRA issue (darn
spam bots), but certainly browsing should be allowed it seems.


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