Refactoring JavaFX Builds & Sources

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Fri Oct 19 08:23:02 PDT 2012

>>> One more point: presently we can clone the repository and build just glass itself (which is very fast as I mentioned above). This is useful for quick testing, and also we have a Glass-only demo app that doesn't depend on FX, so we can work on Glass w/o even building the whole FX right now. Can we make the new build system support this kind of partial builds (at least for Glass)?
>> I don't know that compilation time is actually going to be a problem in practice. I already have the prototype build setup to build all of base, graphics (which is Scene Graph + Prism + Glass), and controls and it only takes a few seconds on my machine, which is saying something, because my machine has a very slow harddrive and chronically long build times. I also expect there will be build targets for only building specific native parts, so you could say something like:
>> gradle :graphics compile-glass-native
>> and it would only compile the glass natives. In that case, I think you still have the ability to just clone, compile the natives, and run rain.
> Using partial build targets sounds interesting. Let's see how it will look in the end.
> But for some reason I can't believe (I wish!) it takes just a few seconds for your builds. Are you only compiling java code, or does this also include the native libs in prism/glass as well? On what platform are you currently testing?

Yes you are right, I am cheating as I haven't built the natives yet. BUT, that's because I am putting a plan in place to reuse the latest built natives (from a hudson job, for example) rather than having to recompile all the natives, so that your "typical" javaFX developer doesn't have to have a native toolchain installed, in which case the build really will only be a few seconds (by few, meaning, 17 or so I think was the last count).

I'm on a 3yr old Mac.


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