Do we have to fear February?

Phil Race philip.race at
Fri Oct 19 10:33:15 PDT 2012


I'm not sure what you are replying to since I don't appear to have
any emails in this thread so I am guessing its something about
Apple EOL'ing their JDK 6 and the need to bundle a JRE in future.

I don't see how using JavaFX makes that any different (better or worse),
since I'd be pretty sure that Scott bundled a JRE runtime to run Ensemble.
Its a 61Mb download :-). [But  large app store downloads are not that 


On 10/19/2012 9:52 AM, David DeHaven wrote:
>> I share pretty much every single one of Robert's concerns.
>> It looks like come Feb 2013 I have to consider shipping my app with a bundled JDK7.
>> And to my customers it will probably look like the app got *worse*, they will be upset and rightly so.
>> Any insights are highly appreciated.
> Not trying to be facetious, but one could start investigating porting to JavaFX.
> Ensemble is now available in the Mac App store:
> -DrD-

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