ChoiceBoxBuilder.<String>create() is error. How to fix?

Eva Krejcirova eva.krejcirova at
Mon Oct 22 10:06:48 PDT 2012


This is a bug on JavaFX side, it's reported in JIRA as and we need to fix it.
Unfortunately, currently there is no other solution for this than to
create ChoiceBox directly (and not to use the builder).


On 22.10.2012 0:47, Tadashi Ohmura wrote:
> Hello everyone
> ChoiceBox<String> choiceBox = ChoiceBoxBuilder.<String>create()
> .items( FXCollections.observableArrayList("New", "Open", "Save", "Exit") )
> .build();
> The method create() is ambiguous for the type ChoiceBoxBuilder at Java8.
> It is OK at Java7.
> Plese teach me how to fix this error?
> Best regards
> Tadashi Ohmura

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