Making JavaFX Development Faster

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Oct 22 10:23:38 PDT 2012


On 22.10.2012 17:38, Richard Bair wrote:
> MyObject obj = new MyObject();
> obj = BlackMagic.makeObservable(obj);

I'd like to see the implementation of BlackMagic ;-)  (cglib stuff?)

> However, the javafx beans package and collections and such are part
> of the "base" module -- ie: they could be separated from the rest of
> javafx and safely used on the server side or elsewhere. Why not just
> use properties and such on the server side definition of classes? Or
> are those classes being auto-generated and thus not taking observable
> properties into account?

Currently I want to avoid requiring customers to install the FX runtime 
serverside. That will be a moot point with JRE 7+. Which does not help 
the 6.x customers, especially if they are on WebLogic which is usually 
tied to a specific major version.

Another aspect is the footprint regarding memory and bandwidth. 
Obviously a StringProperty requires more bytes than a String. This is 
not an issue (usually) when I want to display a relatively short list of 
beans in the UI. It gets noticeable when the server suddenly needs +X 
megabytes, the instantion of objects needs +Y ms (also affects 
deserialization), and sending them over the network takes +Z ms...


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