Why isn't JavaFX on the jdk1.7.0_u10build12 class path?

Randahl Fink Isaksen randahl at rockit.dk
Tue Oct 23 18:37:25 PDT 2012

I upgraded to jdk 7u10 build 12 and I can see it comes with a JavaFX 2.2.4 inside it. So I thought I would go ahead and remove my maven dependency on the trusty old JavaFX 2.2.0-b19.

However when I try to build my application with NetBeans it does not find the JavaFX classes. If I open the Java platform manager in NetBeans it also shows that jfxrt.jar is not on the class path of the JDK 1.7 (default) platform.

Am I supposed to still extract the jfxrt.jar and the dylibs and manually create a maven dependency, or have I overlooked something here?



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