ContextMenu styling (esp. for MenuButton)

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Wed Oct 24 05:58:28 PDT 2012


the problem is not about using selectors (this works) - it is about 
ContextMenu being a PopupControl having a separate scene having a 
different stylesheet.

If you want to style a ContextMenu you have to add your stylesheet to 
ContextMenu.scene.root.styleSheets. This is difficult if the particular 
instance of a context menu is a private field of a MenuButton skin. 
Currently I get around this just by using a CustomMenuItem which uses a 
provided node which in turn has an invalidation listener on the scene 
property. Not pretty... ;-)

And this won't work for MenuButton if the menu has no custom items. 
Which is still an open problem...


On 24.10.2012 14:13, Randahl Fink Isaksen wrote:
> I have had success with using nested selectors such as
> .myusecase .button {}
> where .myusecase is a style class added to a parent component by my
> app and .button is the style class that Button adds itself. This
> affects only buttons in that particular use-case. Couldn't you do
> something similar, of course with whatever style class the popup
> has?
> R.

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