JavaFX Event Bus Recommendations

Mark Fortner phidias51 at
Thu Oct 25 11:31:06 PDT 2012

In my current application we're using the standard point2point eventing
that comes with JavaFX.  To create support for a new type of event we:

   - Create an EventType class.
   - Create an Event class
   - Create an Event Listener interface for it.
   - Add a mixin that makes it easier to add/remove/notify listeners.

Since there are several developers on the list who make heavy use of the
Spring framework, I was wondering if anyone had tried using the Spring
Eventing framework as
 more scaleable approach to adding support for new events?  Or if there
were any other Event Bus frameworks that the community could recommend for
use with JavaFX?

Also, are there any plans to more directly support an Event Bus in JavaFX?



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