Black Background behind MediaView Replicating 3D Movie Cube

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This is nothing to do with OpenJFX codebase or anything else

I was working on ScalaFX just now. Writing a port of the CubeSystem
Graphic 3D with MediaView instead of Rectangles. I am using my own
downloaded movie trailers e.g. The Hobbit, Prometheus, Looper, Flight

I want to give the MediaView a black background for the videos, keep
the aspect ratio, and effectively give each cube a backing rectangle,
so I naively did

MediaViewCubeFace(val size: Double)  extends Group {
  val backRect: Rectangle { fill = Color.Black }
  val mediaView: MediaView { fitWidth = size; fitHeight = size }
  Group {
     children = Seq( backRect, mediaView)

  /* ... */

None of the above compiles, does not matter.  What I found was on
MacOS 10.8 Retine Display Java FX 7 update 9  there is a lot of
"So I think I must be doing this wrong?" The media view rendered with
the rectangle in front and sometimes behind. DepthTest is switched on.
I tried setting a backRect.translateZ = -0.05 and that makes the
problem worse. So there something I don't understand about 3D, can't
put my finger on it.

What did the JavaFX SDK team do to in the JavaOne (2011) demo? Did you
put the MediaView inside a Pane or something else?

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